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Meet The Team!

Nolan Hansen

Head of Operations

A lifelong Brookings native: Nolan is committed to providing his clientele with high-quality media services. His passion for photography can be traced back to his single-digit years experimenting with his dad’s camera. Outside of the office, Nolan enjoys golfing, watching basketball, and traveling the country. He is a proud alum of Great Plains Lutheran High School, and currently studies Networking & Cyber Security in College.

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Ben Picture (Fargo 2019).heic

Ben Rowland

Southeastern South Dakota Divisional Manager

Native to the Brookings Area: Ben moved to Minnehaha County with his family, where he is currently our Southeastern sd Divisional Manager. With over 6 years of UAS piloting experience under his belt, Ben is capable of bringing much more than just great footage to the table. Our Divisional Manager is able to provide a wide variety of drone models, styles, and shots to meet everyone’s preferences, while providing a professional and laid-back feel.

Elijah Grams

Multimedia Artist

Because of his interest in technology, Elijah has built a sturdy resume in Media Production. Living in Watertown, South Dakota, he has accumulated several music, audio, and video production skills. While furthering his education in Graphic Design, Elijah is equipped with the skills necessary for quality video editing and structuring. His title of Multimedia Artist is a perfect demonstration of his ability.

Travis Robinson.jpg

Travis Robinson

Northern Iowa Divisional Manager

Combining his love of technology with his desire to help people, Travis has become an accomplished drone pilot. He is among the first UAV mission pilots in the South Dakota Civil Air Patrol. At CAP, he has used his drone piloting skills in missing person searches. In the commercial setting, he has taken storm damage videos and photographs for local media. Travis has also used his skills for various business clients, including real estate agents. An Akron, Iowa native, Travis lives in Sioux Falls. He's also interested in radio communications, wheelchair basketball and related sports, and helping people who are new to using a wheelchair because of traumatic injuries. 

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